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About Us

ThunderNet® is the registered brand name of HLK Internet Services Pvt Ltd based here at 23 B Block Sri Ganganagar, an Internet Service Provider authorised by Department of Telecommunications, Government of India for Gurgaon and Sri Ganganagar area.

We offer the best data solutions with high speed Internet and provides the most reliable & fastest wired and wireless Internet services. We understand the importance of fast Internet connectivity in today’s age, therefore ThunderNet offers marvellous options for fast speed internet through Wire as well as WiFi powered Internet devices. To facilitate our users with affordable Internet plans we rely on fiber/leased lines that simply focus on making the online experience convenient for our Internet users.

When you opt for ThunderNet, we make sure that we provide you with the same Internet services from day one that we offered, nothing less than that. An unparalleled technical support is always available.

What we do?

We provide High Speed Internet Services and Network Solutions like - Home Broadband, Internet Leased Lines and Bulk Bandwidth for local operators.

Our Services

  • Dedicated Internet Line Home users

ThunderNet provides high speed  Internet since Aug 2016. Unlike other providers we do not add any data capping to any plan. ThunderNet ensures better Internet experience by keeping upload and download speed almost equal. Thundernet maintains a 2 hours of service level agreement, and to minimise the downtime. We also have wireless backup devices installed to provide you a backup Internet till the time main fiber line gets fixed.


  1. Less expensive plans, compared to other popular Internet providers

  2. Get same subscribed speed all month long, No Data capping, no speed throttle.

  3. No false promises, we will deliver what we promised.

  4. Experience Leased Line Internet at your home.

  • Static IP Address

Get private IP address for your Dvr, Servers, firewall & routers

Default offer comes with WAN (/30) + LAN (/29) 5 usable static IP’s.

  • Internet Leased Line 1:1

  1. Bulk Bandwidth- From 1 STM to Multiple STMs

  2. Contention Ratio- Standard case it goes for 1:1 but would seek your confirmation on this (1:1/1:2/1:4)

  3. Service Flavour- Unmanaged (Plain internet lease line with no media manageability)/Managed (Internet Lease Line with Layer 3 router device used to pro-actively manage the media and log tickets on behalf of customer to reduce the ticket logging time lag and offers prompt resolution).


With ThunderNet Internet Services comes the following facilities:

  • A bandwidth suitable for HD experience

  • Plans with No Data Capping at all, download and upload as much as you want to

  • Almost same download and upload speed makes our Internet better than most popular Internet providers.

  • Prompt downloading/uploading videos, streaming movies

  • Buffer free surfing, watch full HD online with 0 Buffer

  • Online gaming - Low latency, no lags

  • Non-fluctuating High Speed internet that allows you to experience uninterrupted Internet.

Benefits of ThunderNet over Other Broadband providers:-

  • ThunderNet provides dedicated link for internet, unlike other ISPs, who serves multiple users on a public domain.

  • The contention on our connection is 1:1 whereas it is only 1:8 for all broadband providers.

  • ThunderNet ensures a committed speed for upload and download with a SLA (service level agreement) ensuring guaranteed uptime of 99%.

  • Our Internet is more suited for erp/crm based systems, cloud, video conference, buffer less online videos, online gaming etc. due to a dedicated bandwidth.

  • There is no download limit, so download as much as you want to.

  • Ease of upgrade: option of upgrading the bandwidths to higher speeds at any point. Dedicated support management for support issues with escalation matrix.

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