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Updated: May 9, 2023

We are your true Local Internet Company (based here in Sri Ganganagar) providing Internet and support since 2016. We have extended our services and have added few more areas to our network.

Lakkar Mandi | Bada Bazar | Birbal Chowk | Gaushala Road | Gol Bazar

Ambika Enclave | Kunj Vihar 2 | Shalimar Bagh | Park Avenue | Green Valley | Ambika Heights

Purani Abadi - Truck Union Puli | Green Park | Udharam Chowk | Lila Chowk | Ravi Chowk | Prabhu Chowk | Mini Mayapuri | Mor Singh Chowk | Sabji Mandi | Koda Chowk | Dhingra Street | Old DTO Office | Karanpur Road

High Speed Internet is now available in your area from ThunderNet - A fibre broadband that starts right, stays right.

With Plans starting from 30 Mbps to up to 200 Mbps and prices as low as Rs. 400/ month, we ensure better Internet experience at prices less than any provider in your city.

Call us today on 9649697417 or visit

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