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Neighbourhood Plans

Updated: Feb 12

If you are getting a new connection installed, just ask your neighbour if he needs an Internet connection as well.

And if you already are connected to us, Just tell your neighbours about the fast Internet Speed and Service you get and help them connecting with the best Internet network.

Neighbourhood Plans - Both You and Your neighbour - Pay Less.


You Pay

Your Neighbour Pays

30 Mbps - 3 months

​Rs. 1150 (avg Rs. 383/ month)

​Rs. 1150 (avg Rs. 383/ month)

​50 Mbps - 3 months

​Rs. 1350 (avg Rs. 450/ month)

​Rs. 1350 (avg Rs. 450/ month)

​100 Mbps - 3 months

​Rs. 1750 (avg Rs. 583/ month)

​Rs. 1750 (avg Rs. 583/ month)

Prices include taxes, you pay.... what you see!!!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Referral bonus valid till the time both connections are active.

  2. In case one of you do not recharge, your next recharge will be as per the plans available online.

  3. Referral applicable for neighbourhood ONLY (50 to 100 meters radius).

  4. You can choose different plans as per your Internet requirement and pay according to above mentioned plans.

  5. Please note, the offer is only valid for Sri Ganganagar Direct ThunderNet users.

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